Highs and Lows

Dear Diary

Sunday. Day fine. Night. Argh. Finn came into our room at some unknown time and while I was away breastfeeding Tasman for the first of three times, proceeded to steal my space. I moved into Finn's bed. M sometime later proceeded to lose what remained of the bed in a hostile takeover manoeuvre (cleverly executed when all parties are fast asleep) and decided that sharing a bed with Holly was the lesser of two evils. She too may be a bit of a circus performer in her sleep but thankfully rather small in stature. M and I awoke sometime around 6am to hear the dulcet tones of Finn saying he had to go wees in the night and had therefore wet our bed. Hmmm joyous.

Monday. Head to Ally's house to bask in the soothing serenity of natural motherhood in action. Finn does poos on toilet for tenth time hence earning a bike. High fives and big hugs. So proud. He asks for a purple bike as Holly would like it. Little sweetheart. Proceed to KMart to buy flashest $99 (blue) bicycle ever seen by small four year old. Proceed home to spend next three hours reading instructions that appear to miss every second word of English translation. Luckily have young Y chromosome telling me that this goes here and can I ride it yet? and that goes there and is it finished yet? and why are you going red in the face Mummy? Who needs brakes on a bike anyway? Tas and Holly thankfully both slept through the bike assembly. Later on in the park Finn works out how to swing himself on the swing. No need for pushing any more. High fives all around. Yay.

Tuesday. Kathleen takes Finn and Holly out in the morning. Peace and quiet. Facebook. Twitter. Thinking about pizza for dinner. Yay no cooking. Holly refuses to have a sleep at midday and rapidly morphs into demon spawn on crack by mid afternoon. Can't leave Tas alone with her lest she breaks him into small pieces and feeds him to the crows. Finn is reduced to tears when Holly whacks him on the head with various hard objects. Need to order pizza online. Can't do it while holding Tas. Put Tas down beside chair and attempt to navigate ridiculous and enormously-frustrating-for-the-one-handed Dominos website. Turn around to see Holly STANDING on Tas. FULL weight. Which luckily isn't that much. Almost burst into tears. Yell at Holly, drag her by the arm to our room and shut her in. Pick up Tas who seemed the least upset of all. Skype Marcel to order pizza. Think about beer. Lots of beer.

Wednesday. Kathleen takes Finn and Holly out in the morning. Bake banana cake with Finn while Holly "sleeps" in her bed kicking the wall. Tas asleep. Finn gets all his "tasting" of the mixture done before the yicky banana goes in. Pink is the chosen frosting colour. The demon spawn is distracted from crack head behaviour by taking the cake to play date at Sam's house. Play for a couple of hours and have lovely conversation with other Mums of small children who won't do what the books say they're meant to. We have defective children. Perhaps enquire about a refund. Come home for dinner and bath. Finn holds Tas in the bath as he is now sitting up more and more stably. Yay. Means Finn gets splashed in the face instead of me, which he nobly squints on through. High five big bro.

Thursday. Wake up at 1am. Can't get back to sleep. Write blog until 4.30am then go back to bed. Dad bravely rises to the challenge of caring for all three while Mum has a bit of a restorative sleep-in. Puts Tas down to sit just as Holly decides to stiletto herself with a chair leg. Holly lets out loud yell thereby startling Tas who has been erroneously placed too close to the oil heater. He falls onto it and scones his head big time creating some nice stripes. It doesn't look at all like someone tried to char grill him I say to M, trying to make him feel better. It doesn't work. M feels bad. Bad Dad.

Friday. Letter to inform us that the house has roof on and windows in. Yay. Hence enormous new bill. Boo. Holly does wees on toilet for first time. High fives all around. So happy and proud of my wee girl. Muck around and go to the park with Finn's new bike. Finn very keen on the back brake allowing him to do skids on his bike. He bikes all of 2 metres or so before slamming on the brake. 2m. Skid. 2m. Skid. 2m. Skid. Every skid is accompanied with "Mum did you SEE my BACK brake???" After twenty repetitions Mum looks for sharp stick to stab herself with. After dinner and bath Finn is showing interest in letters. L O S T spells lost. A N D says and. F O U N D says found. Lost and found. Lost and found. Lostnfound. Lstnfnd. Lstnfnd. Yay. A love of reading begins.

Saturday. Roll on the weekend. Dad is here ALL day. Yay.

love Mum.