Big Brother

Hi Tas, it's Finn here, I'm your big brother, which is pretty cool I think. Pretty cool, like my little red race car here look Tas you can come and play with my cars but mine is the little red one, you can have the blue one Tas. You sit over there Tas, and you stand over there Holly, and Holly! you are being very annoying! MUM! Can you come and get Holly, she is being very annoying to me, and I'm not going to be her friend anymore! but you and I can be friends can't we Tas? Hey look at my cool hair, come and look in the mirror, doesn't it look cool, Mum did it for me. Mum did you do my hair? Yeah, Mum did it Tas, and when you're big like me Mum can do your hair and you will look as cool as me. Hey Mum I want something to eat, can you get me something? no I don't know what I want, Tas come and have something to eat, no you sit over there, this is where I'm going to sit. Yoghurt. Oooooh yeah. Tas do you want some yoghurt? You have a plain one Tas and I'll have the chocolate one, that will be pretty cool. Hey Tas look I watered the plants with the hose and cleaned the car, Dad will be really pleased with me, because now it's all shiny again. Sometimes cars get dirty but then you can make them all shiny again with the hose, like this Tas. Watch me Tas. Holly! Don't touch that, I'm playing with the red race car. Muuuummmmm, Holly is hitting me, you are SO annoying Holly! Mum! Holly is being really annoying to me. No I won't talk to you anymore! I'm going away!!

Tas, hey, lets play hiding under the covers, that will be pretty cool, and Holly can't play because she won't be able to find us, because we're hiding so good. Oo. I just need to go and sit on my potty Tas, when you're big like me, you can sit on a potty too. I'll show you how to sit on a potty Tas. One day you'll be big like me and that will be pretty cool. We can play race cars together but I'm always Finn the little red race car and Holly is the purple race car and you can be the orange race car but the red race car is the fastest, it goes zoom, vroom, like this Tas, like this. Hey Dad is coming home soon, that will be pretty cool, I can show him how I cleaned the car, when you're big like me Tas, you can clean the car too and Dad will be pleased with you as well. We're going to NZ soon aren't we Tas? You and me and Holly are going on an airplane and it's going to go woosh into the sky like this Tas, like this, Tas watch me, woosh and we'll go and see Oma and Opa and Uncle Maarten and the cats and Blue and the tractor and the sheep and it will be really cool and I'll show you on the calendar how we are going to NZ, Mum can you show me and Tas how the calendar says we are going to NZ? and today is that day and I had swimming lessons on that day and that's how calendars work Tas. When you're big like me you will know how calendars work. Hey look the mailman is coming that is pretty cool, come with me and see the mailman Tas, he might have a letter for you with your name on it Tas. Mum is there a letter with Tas' name on it? Oh well, if you write someone a letter then maybe you'll get a letter with your name on it, that will be pretty cool won't it Tas?

Hey Mum, Tas is smiling at me, can I hold him? Tas is pretty cool aren't you Tas? I like being your big brother. I love you really much.