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Daddy's girl

Dear Holly

I seem to have got out of the habit of documenting your life changes recently, which is a bit of a shame, as lately there has been so many. It's always hard to see your gradual changes as something momentous, but I know I will look back in years to come and know just how special those tiny changes were, and how I will never have the chance to see them again.

Clapping is fun

In the last few weeks or so, you have started to walk. You're not walking all the time, as you're an extremely efficient crawler, but you are picking yourself up and strutting along more and more. You look absolutely delightful, with your little arms held up for balance and your high-stepping toes. I think you're about as short as it's possible for any walker to be.

At about the same time you have discovered an interest in clothes, and particularly shoes. It doesn't matter what time of day it is, or whether you're just wearing a nappy, you will appear carrying a pair of shoes and demand that they be put on. Thankfully this love of wearing shoes has ended the numerous return trips to the supermarket to look for your shoes, that I have only realised you have taken off and thrown out of the pram upon our return home.

This interest in clothes is kinda weird to us, as it would be fair to say that neither your Dad nor I have any great interest in what we wear. Whatever is uppermost on the chair is what gets put on in the morning, and it is fair to say that your Dad would largely be naked most of the time if he could. Many is the time that someone has knocked at our front door, and I have answered oblivious to the fact that your father is wearing very little...only to usher the person in and realise that your Dad has had to scamper quickly to make himself less scary. Or at least dressed. Finn is a bit the same, now that I think about it, without the need to scamper, so perhaps there is something to heredity after all. Which still doesn't explain your need to carry around a pair of your own pjamas, or Finn's underwear, or your favourite pair of purple pants.

You and Finn are interacting more and more and it is totally delightful to hear the (admittedly) one-sided conversations that you have together. Finn explains to you that we're about to head into a tunnel in the car, or points out where the library is, or tells you who the characters in the book are, and he's nodding his head the whole time like he knows you're listening and understanding. If it weren't so adorable it would be hilarious. He loves to kiss you and hug you goodnight. He also pushes you over (and then says that he has), and he tells you off when you pull his hair. You generally get along really well, and I hope it stays that way.

For quite a while now, you've been driving your Dad mad with your need to be carried by him everywhere when he is around. Him sitting down to play with you on the floor results in back arching, heel thumping and lots of wailing. Nothing compares to being carried around from one elevated interesting object to the next elevated interesting object. Your Dad's back suffers along with his patience, and it is something we really wish you'd get over. Gradually, you are starting to become a little bit more independent especially with your upright nature now allowing you a greater vertical reach, but at many times during the day it still seems like Mum is not necessary at all.

I'd like to think that one day I'll become a bit more needed in your life, but probably best not to come to either of us for fashion advice.

Hey, it was for an 80s party, OK?!

Love Mum.