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Life's a Train...Get on Board

Dear Finn

We have just come back from a holiday in NZ. Overall it was a pretty good holiday. We spent some time with the Read family in a rented house in Hanmer Springs, soaking up the feeling of a real winter as well as the luxury of the thermal pools. We then headed south to spend a few days with Grandma and Grandad in their new house at Waianakarua. Grandad had his 70th birthday so it was worth a trip we reckoned. I realised about half way through our time away that holidays themselves are a bit like a really frenetic slice of life. The highs and the lows all seem so much more extreme as you try and pack in all that stuff that you feel you should do. There are several certainties to holidays. 1. The kids will get sick. If you're lucky only once. 2. Nobody will sleep well. 3. Kids in unfamiliar surrounds will feel out of wack, hence leading to 2. and possibly 1. 4. You will need a holiday to recover from your holiday.

Holly's ear infection seemed to get worse in Hanmer, or perhaps it was a new and exciting virus that caused her to spike a fever of 39.2. You seemed to get some kind of stomach flu, along with your Dad, that caused you to, one evening, throw up all through your bedding and all over yourself, and the next day, throw up all over the carseat, yourself and the rental car. Holly refused to be held by anyone who wasn't her biological parent until the very last couple of days, when Grandma was warily trusted with the honour. Holly also decided that travelling in cars wasn't her thing...either being awake and protesting loudly, or asleep.

Apart from that there was much going on. The Dads had a night out, as did the Mums...and wonder of wonders the parents had their own night out as well. Dinner sans enfants. A true luxury, even if the conversation starts with...so what have you been doing the last three years? The whole flying to NZ thing, driving for hours in a rental car thing, is possibly worth it for just that one night. The babysitting of course was partly hellish, but so what? That's what mates are for. I'll tell you your kids were perfect angels if you say the same about mine. Ha. The night we stayed home, was of course the night you decided to redecorate your bedding.

There were airplanes. There were autumn leaves. There was a train trip. There was the Cookie Time factory. There was even a bit of snow. It was rather lovely to see a different season. Brisbane may be great, but it lacks seasons. The changing colours of autumn are one of my favourites. Especially when you have so much fun stomping through the leaves and throwing them around.

I hope you had a good trip. You seemed to enjoy playing first with Bella and then with Logan. You've been somewhat clingy since we've got back, not wanting to go to sleep unless one of us stays with you, but you seem to be coming good again now. It's always a bit difficult...the disruption of routines caused by holidays, and yet we continue to take them. Your Dad and I like to travel and we like to travel with you. It's a big wide world out there, and with your big wide eyes finding new and glorious things to look at and comment on, adventures to have and events to enjoy, it just seems that much more fun.

You make the journey worthwhile.

love Mum.