February 2008 Archives


Dear Holly

There hasn't been a lot said about you recently, and there have been some large changes. Not anything to do with your size, unfortunately, as you're still as puny as a bugmite but to paraphrase a wise saying, size only matters when referring to things composed of finest Belgian chocolate.

Further talking of food, you're taking to yours with great excitement. Pureed fruit and vegetables are SOOO exciting. It's marvellous really, and surprising to me, since you have a brother who has been known to reject an entire Bolognaise on the careful detection of one piece of grated carrot. In itself quite interesting as he has actually never tasted a piece of carrot. Pointed them out in books, played with carrot lego, but never actually physically touched a tastebud to the smallest smidgen of carrot imaginable. Maybe it's the orange. Anyway, so far you don't seem to be like that at all, which I am thankful for. Orange food for you holds no fear. Orange food is yummy. Orange food is funny. I have this theory about orange baby food. I believe it largely exists only to make parents forget the hideousness of introducing solid food to grabby, unco, smeary little people. Because without orange food, there would be no spectacular sights to laugh at, take photos of and generally rejoice in. My baby is a total spaz, but damn she looks funny covered in pumpkin sort of thing. Followed of course, by the thought about how joyful it is to be a mother of said total spaz.

You're on the move. Mostly. Normally it's a rusk or a cup of tea that makes you dig your toes in and lurch along on your puku. But as you get more and more mobile you are getting more into Finn's territory, his books and his toys. He's not yet sure how to deal with this so there's a fair bit of taking things away from you. He's being encouraged to give you something else to play with if he's just taken something off you and he's mostly pretty good at running off and finding you an alternate toy. He is also finding that he can make you laugh with the silliest thing. He leaps around, falls to the ground, attempts to blow raspberries, and you find all of it hilarious. I surmise that this means in the future you will either be smitten by reckless men and be heartbroken, or will encourage staid men to reckless acts with your glorious smile. Whatever. I love seeing the tiny silly essences of boyness and girlness appear so early. Boys were just made to do stupid things to try and impress girls. And a girl's laughter is an encouragement to perform ever greater feats of reckless abandon. As much as you find your brother delightful, he is starting to warm to you as well, as long as you're not anywhere near his books. He likes to carry you every now and then, and says good morning when he sees you.

Occasionally you holler. You can be very loud. You make up for your small stature with a determined and powerful set of lungs and an innumerable number of situations in which you like to use them. Can't sleep, won't sleep, HATE being on your back. Don't want food, WANT food, where's your tasty snack. Want to play with Finn's toy. Gee he's such a funny boy. That rain is loud, but I am LOUDER.

As much as there are annoying and frustrating things about baby development that I had joyfully forgotten about and that you are forcing me to relive, and as much as I yearn for those days when you can sleep all night and feed yourself and I don't have to think about your tiny overworked liver before I pour myself a vodka...you are a delight. There are days when I feel completely invisible in a world run by suited alpha moneymakers, career supermoms and erudite intellectuals. But the way you catch sight of me in the morning when you first wake up, hungry and grumpy, and the enormous smile that lights your face, I know I'm not invisible to you.