December 2007 Archives

We’ve wandered many a weary foot...

Dear Finn,

This will be the first letter that I have written to you here. This is not because I don't marvel at your every developmental increment like your Mum does, it's just because I'm not much the letter-writing blogging type (which is a long-winded way of saying I'm too lazy). But after the events of the evening, while putting you to bed as I have done so many times before, I felt compelled to become that letter-writing blogging type for this fleeting moment. For today, you see, was a bit different.

It is New Year's Eve. Now that doesn't mean much to you yet. I know this because I told you a few times and you looked positively uninterested. Then I told you what New Year's Eve was really all about. No, not the bit about changing your wall calendar, making New Year's resolutions that you'll never keep and getting blind drunk while mouthing the words to Auld Lang Syne. No, there's one thing that excites me more than anything else about New Year's Eve. It's that there's going to be fireworks - BIG FIREWORKS. So, when I told you that there were going to be fireworks tonight, your eyes lit up and through your big grin all you could say was "Fireworks... boom!" over and over again.

Now your Mum on the other hand is not so big on fireworks. With my whinging and nagging, she'll usually humour me and come along. But this time I had the most enthusiastic fireworks-companion I could have ever wished for: "Go see fireworks. Fireworks... boom!".

So that's really what was different about today. Today, was the first day just you and I went out together to do something we both love. This may be the only letter I write to you (given my track record of failing to keep new year's resolutions), but I'm certain this will only be the beginning of our Father-Son adventures.

I can't wait.

Happy new year!