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Dear Finn

This is a conversation I overheard you having with your Dad, just before we went away.

Context: Dad attempting to do something VERY VERY important (or more likely not) on the computer. You attempting to distract him and entertain yourself by bashing the keyboard, clicking the mouse and poking the screen.

D: That is very irritating Finn. Could you please stop doing that?

D: I asked you not to do that Finn. You are being very irritating.

D: Finn, that is very irritating...can you say irri-tat-ing?

F: Dadddyyyy!!!


love Mum


Dear Finn

We seem to have been up to a lot of stuff lately. A lot of travelling either planned or executed. Your Dad and I have got into the slight mindset that once we have another baby we will possibly never travel again. Not that travelling with you is that difficult. It just mostly requires a similar level of organisation to a small military coup. Sometimes we win, and sometimes we end up living in a nightmare, as your father so eloquently puts it. But at the moment, while you're under two and therefore free on aeroplanes we a) have just got back from a quick trip to NZ and b) will soon leave for Cairns...our last holiday before the unveiling.

NZ was great. Freezing cold. A perfect time of year for an outdoor wedding in the deep South. My how my blood has thinned. I stressed for ages about my wedding outfit, and then got to cover up all that finery (OK so not so much finery) with an all encompassing and strictly utilitarian woolly coat. Bah. You on your best wedding behaviour, made your disdain for celebratory bagpipes abundantly clear. Possibly fair enough. The piper started his caterwauling up on the balcony right next door to where you were attempting your afternoon snooze. Perhaps not the best way to introduce you to the lilting melody of Scotland the Brave.

But on the whole it was great. We had open log fires. Autumn colours. You wore more clothes at one time than you possibly ever have and you discovered mud. You needed gumboots. Awesomely spunky Thomas the Tank Engine gumboots. I don't think your grin could get any wider.

Cairns will be somewhat different. Your Mum will be three weeks closer to the big pop. Three weeks more fat and not wanting to waddle anywhere. I hope you're feeling lazy. Yeah right. If not there's sandcastles to build and seagulls to chase.

Apart from that, you're about to start childcare for a couple of days a week as well. We've been going there to introduce you to the environment and you seem happy enough. Today I left you painting for the first time ever and you put in a mighty fine effort. Do your Grandma proud, my son. Maybe her genes are into skipping. Certainly skipped past me at high speed chortling merrily.

So my dear, lots of things going on. And I haven't even mentioned the fact that we've bought some land and are dreaming of building a house. Somewhere for you to have a backyard, kick a ball, grow some veges and smell some flowers.

I can't wait for it to happen...and I can't wait for the fun of sharing it all with you. It will seem that much more bright and new.

Shine on.
love Mum