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Dribbly Puddle of Mum

Dear Finn

Most of the time I think I'm rather hardened to this whole parenting thing. Especially when I feel rather whale-like and exhausted most of the time and instead of lounging around in the cool water blowing fountains and sifting mountains of food through my wide open mouth (although there is a bit of that), I get to attempt to play horsey and boo with you, my energetic toddler.

But today, you got me. And it wasn't even a big thing. Hormones that's what it must be.

You fell asleep in your swing.

And when I dragged you out to prevent you becoming a spit roast, and put you into bed, you took time to open your eyes and give me a smile so sweet and sleepy...sometimes I think I can never love you more...and then there's times like these I know I'm wrong.

your dribbly puddle of Mum