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Big bed

Dear Finn

We're having fun these days...trying to get you to accept sleeping in a big bed rather than in your cot. This whole sleeping-in-a-bed thing doesn't have to happen quite's really the only goal we have before your sister arrives sometime in July. But knowing how these things can take a fair bit of time we thought we might as well start early. And it has not been easy.

We have a stronger bedtime routine now, which mostly you love. We lie on the big bed and read stories. Many stories. Many stories over and over again. And then we say nighty-night and close our eyes and go to sleep. Well the Larger of us does. The Smaller beats up the Larger with more books to be read...trips around the bed standing on the Larger's hair, pulls the ornaments on the wall and turns the lamp on and off. The Smaller eventually just climbs off the bed and runs out to see Larger II who is obviously having much more fun...because Larger I is just plain boring...SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK!

Hmmmm. So we tried the same thing again. And then after all the reading and nighty-night close our eyes guff...just gave up and threw you in your cot. We folded. And it worked lovely. You squealed a bit, accepted your inevitable prison, rolled over and went to sleep. Eventually you started to love your prison...when you decided it was time for sleep, you would get down off the bed and try and climb INTO your cot. Admirable and cute and all...but NOT THE IDEA AT ALL!

I sought advice...from my sister in law...who said it was difficult...uh huh...and from Looky Daddy my new favourite blogger who had a similar problem with his twin girls. And the whole taking away the favourite sleep association thing (your cuddly) until you stayed on the bed...just didn't really work for us. We hate that whole crying thing. Yes I know. Soft.

So back again to the drawing board. We thought we could perhaps take the side off your cot, and get you used to sleeping in your cot with it being one step closer to a bed...the fatal flaw in this of course...that we were too silly to realise...was that now we had nowhere to encage you to encourage you to sleep. We did learn to close the bedroom door smart as we are.

And so we come to last night. Your Dad had a mate around, so the tucking in was up to Mum. Lots of reading. Lots of nighty-night. Light off. Lovely soothing bedtime music. Close eyes. You got off the bed and hammered on the door. LET ME OUT. This mad woman is trying to get me to go to bed, when there's man-talk and beer drinking and cool stuff happening out there. I will not tolerate this namby pamby crap anymore.

So your Dad came in...pinned you (oh so lovingly and gently) in your cot, and whispered to you the words of Hairy McClary which is the only story he knows by heart. And in 30 sec you were asleep. All this autonomy bullshit that your Mother was on about...that you would eventually CHOOSE to go to sleep was obviously not worth the tissue-soft pink floral paper it was written on. Go the Dad.

However....staring at you sleeping flat out on your back, we realised we had missed something else. Being used to walls it was very likely that you would roll over at some stage in the night...and not meeting any resistance..hit the floor. In anticipation of this...I made a nice soft landing for you. At 1 am or so...I had a quick had indeed abandoned your cot for the nice soft landing...and you were fast asleep half under your cot. I decided the big bed was the better option...since with all your flippin' and floppin' least you have a lot more space in which to do it.

So you slept in (on) the big bed all night. pattered out into our bedroom to say good morning. Which is the cutest and the best thing about all of this. I love listening to you wake up happy and realise that you can easily get out of bed by yourself. And you come in to greet us with a smile as cheerful as the sun.

My sun. Our son.